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24 May 2010 @ 05:27 pm
Mr. Bear [Uli]  
This is Mr. Bear. He is the best bear in the world. White and fluffy. So incredibly cute. He is about one year old and is kind of our baby. Wherever I go, I take him with me cause he stays mainly with me. So Mr. Bear has already traveled a lot, being squeezed into my suitcase. He has also enjoyed several baths so far. He especially likes being washed in the washing machine to become so fresh and so clean clean. He is more than a stuffed animal, he is one symbol of the relationship between Jenn and me. I had several teddy bears in my childhood but never stuck with any of them. They were not special enough, I don't know why! I just never want to be without him.

**Mr. Bear was one of Uli's Valentine's Day 2008 gifts.
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