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06 July 2010 @ 04:12 pm
I feel sLOVEnia  

Maribor, Slovenia

Recently, my better half introduced me to the idea of traveling to the lovely country of Slovenia. Upon visiting the country's main website and looking at the pictures, I instantly fell in love and have been dreaming of visiting ever since. While my country just celebrated its day of Independence and, in fashion of a patriot, I have been embracing all the crazy things that contribute to the greatness of the United States (I should add that the Fireworks this year were absolutely incredible from the roof of my friend's apartment overlooking my alma mater), I've also been thinking about getting away-- crossing the ocean, venturing to the old continent, having adventures that would rival even the most vivid of my childhood dreams (sans the dragons and mages).

What I've been observing of my surroundings is an unfortunate increase in rampant alcoholism, pharmaceutical abuse, a general suffocating blanket of apathy. It is tragically similar to the Nothing that threatens to reduce Fantasia to a void in Michael Ende's The Neverending Story. People continue to speak a lot, however there is a lack of substance in the bulk of their conversation. This era of technology has indeed succeeded in creating more levels of interconnectedness, however this doesn't mean that we are necessarily more profoundly connected. We should be seeking quality, not quantity! Anyway, the point of this little tangent was to call attention to my weariness with my present environment. Call me a nerd, but I would rather sit around reading and discussing Scientific American, Yoga Journal, or EnlightenNext than get crunk. This isn't to say that I don't like alcohol, because I quite enjoy a delicious German Brew or fine wine... but in moderation, and with class!

Honestly? I simply long to explore other countries and learn more about all the different cultures that are so uniquely fascinating! If we only live one life, I'm not going to waste it in the clutches of Suburbia! I want to wake up in the morning to this:

Bled, Slovenia. Overlooking the Alps.

After enjoying a 5-week drawing course to fulfill the last credits of my Undergrad career, I've learned some wonderful techniques and am looking forward to fine-tuning my technical skills and applying these out in the world for some real-time experience. I cannot tell you how thrilled I would be to set up an easel and canvas and fool around with charcoal all day. How breathtaking is this view? How majestic and utterly magnificent are the more secret parts of the world we live in! Show me all the latest graphics in video games, newest designs of skyscrapers, most technologically advanced cell phone or car-- none of that will ever compare to that feeling that surfaces when we are acquainted with old growth forests, quaint little villages, misty mountains, and ancient castles or cathedrals.

Trenta, Slovenia

Mankind is becoming so disgustingly divorced from nature-- it's obscene. We are not in touch with the elements, only (meakly) shielded from them. Our ancestors walked this land, their feet connecting with the ground beneath them. These days we feel cotton socks, rubber shoes, and sidewalk or road. Would we know how to survive in a small village like this? Or are we too domesticated, like birds in cages with clipped wings.

I would like to arrive somewhere else for a while. I am in dire need of a new perspective! Somehow, Slovenia speaks to me.

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