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28 June 2010 @ 12:05 am
And so the countdown begins yet again!  
49 Days Until We Are Reunited!!!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents, Jenn here! Just wanted to inform you lovely people that we booked my ticket today! I'll be taking the bus from DC to NYC and flying out from JFK to Frankfurt on the 16th of August! Will arrive a day later, on the morning of the 17th, and this will mark the beginning of 3 glorious months with my better half! Ahhh, I can't wait!

I'll miss Halloween in the states this year, as I won't fly back until November 11th, but that's okay! I've already informed a few friends in Germany (including the German TA from last year -- this was Uli's job at Hood the year before) and we plan on having our own little party. How splendid!

The next item of business is applying for a temporary Residence Permit. This is proving to be quite tricky so let us all cross our fingers (and press our thumbs) that things work out! 

Oh, and..... GOOOOOOOO DEUTSCHLAND! Here's to winning three games in the Weltmeisterschaft 2010! *raises imaginary glass of Franziskaner, PROST*

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